Thursday, March 10, 2016

Have some fun

We can get so caught up in the process of life, the responsibilities of life, what we want from life, that we forget to have fun. Life is a joke. Life is a game. Games are intended to be fun, but we work at our games and turn them into work. That's no fun!

We get so caught up in the work of we've made of life that we forget to play. We forget what's fun. When that happens, we aren't really living anymore.

When we set aside time for fun, for playing, life gets much easier. In doing so, we realize there's much more to life than working and paying bills, when you have something fun to look forward to, life takes on a completely different tone.

Fun gives you a new outlook. It helps you expand your mind and your spirit. It keeps you young and vibrant. Fun allows you to think about something other than what you don't have or cannot do, and the best part is that fun is absolutely free. So, got out and have some fun.