Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Life's lesssons

Do not cling to the false image of being superior to others. All were created equal in the eyes of God. We come here to become more aware, not more wealthy, more prejudiced, or more controlling. Listen to the inner voice of spirit to guide you and let God provide as He sees fit.

Cherish the earth, the birds and flowers, and feel a oneness with nature itself, for in that way you become a greater part of the light of God's love and all-that-there-is, and a total knowing with the earth.

This will help your consciousness expand to greater wisdom and understanding. We are all part of evolution of a greater potential. We must experience the whole process of our evolution to gain in greater knowledge.

There are no steps to be skipped along the way but to find your path and follow it to the end. Our task is not to avoid experiencing, but to transform it into a higher good. There is always time enough to accomplish what your true purpose is, so release the anxiety and let go of worry, and you will find an eternal beingness within.

Breathe in the essence of spirit. There is energy itself in acceptance. Nothing in life is an accident, there is only truth and lessons to be learned. Physical illnesses, even alcoholism is a crying out of the spirit for us to listen, to stop and redirect our course.

You need to assess the problem and see the conflict for the healing to take place. For somewhere there is a resistance to the life force of soul consciouness. Denial of purpose is expressed in the physical. Heed the guidance of the spirit. Let go, let God, and be healed.