Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Try love on, like new clothes and discard the old garments of fear, for it is too confining. Clothed in love we are lighter, more illuminated. Love is a transformation of remembering, of acknowledging our God spirit, and honoring it.

In this way, we live more fully. The purpose of remembering is greater love. The image of love is God for only He is perfect love.  Today is the perfect time for awakening. The world is ready and so are we.

We prepare to be an openhearted witness to life. This is our journey and we're ready to listen. As love increases, fear decreases. The power of love individually can change the world. Love is truth speaking.

When our spiritual faith deepens we sense our higher power within and feel less vulnerable and thus are more capable of greater interaction, more compassion, and oneness with others, with life itself. We no longer feel separate in this world but are as witnesses to a great change.

We gain strength of purpose and therein lies peace and joy. God's promise that "no one walks alone" is true. The more we spread the news of the power of God in our lives the closer we come to the vision of a world existing hand-in-hand with God, and the more blessings we receive.

When I remember God's message to chose love I feel free. It is a constant choosings, sometimes several times a day. To do this, you must live constantly aware. Love, faith, truth and God are the only safety nets we have, all else is an illusion.

Be in the moment and learn to soar. This is just the beginning of our awakening for our journey is long and the path is sometimes uphill.