Wednesday, March 30, 2016


God does not send illness and affliction. We do this to ourselves. Individually we need to question why we feel a need of punishment. What guilt are we harboring? Why do we abuse ourselves physically?

It too can be a lesson if we listen and learn from it. God loves us all equally, and does not burden us will illness, we choose the sickness whether it be physical or mental. Illness is a form of fear and belief.

If you can seek out the fear, you can release the cause and find the cure. Fear is a denial of the reality of God. The soul leaves the body when it is ready. Illness is not necessary. Human consciousness has a great power to heal if we listen to it.

Unfortunately some souls do not wish to be heald. Only our own desire can heal. Love can heal but again we must allow it. We have but to accept the Divine Spirit and wholeness. Death is not an excape from life but a continuation of the growth process.

What we have not learned in this lifetime will come back to visit again. Life and death are but a swinging door. There is nothing to fear in the universe, certainly not death, so do not fear to live, truly live, in full conscious awareness.

We can find peace, light, love, and well-being here on earth through prayer and meditation. To be here in your entireity, in a completeness, and oneness, with God is to truly live in a level of more intense existence. To be free. Once you are filled with the true sense of self, you recognize the oneness of all things ane are one wtih God.