Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sacred Space

Create a sacred space within your home where you can always go to meditate, to pray, or to just be at peace in silence. Put upon it things that you cherish that reflect your true self as well as candles and incense.

This is your sacred space, not to be used for other purposes or by others. Let it always be ready for you that you may go there at any time to be in touch with spirit, wisdom, oneness, God, and your higher self.

Let no one intrude upon this time or space. This is where you can go to feel a sense of connection or just to be. Keep it sacred. This is your space for forgetting the world's cares, where there are no barriers or requirements, only peace and love.

Be in silence or listen to soft chants, or soothing waters, whatever will release you into that sense of peace. Disconnect the phone and other distractions as that your mind and spirit are free to achieve serenity.

Choose a time daily, you can set aside for yourself and go into your sacred space, for it is an inner journey with an outward symbol. Early morning or evening are usually optimum, whatever works is the right time, just be consistent.

When you are in your sacred space, truly "be" in your space. Quiet the mind of all thought, all purpose, all worries, and need-to-be-dones. There is the rest of the day for all of that.

This is your time, spirit time, honor your inner being time and God's time. For you may receive inner messages. This often happens when you are at peace and open to receive.

Keep a journal nearby and when you are entirely finished with your meditation, your spiritual break, write down any impression or messages you have but do not interrupt your spiritual quiet to do so. Just be and the Lord will speak.