Monday, March 14, 2016


The greater reality is not touched in everyday life without the aid of meditation and prayer. In that greater reality is a part of all eternity. To be in awareness is to be closer to God's truth.

Your entire reality becomes broader and broader until you are fully aware, constantly, in all your daily activities and your consciousness becomes higher, and more evolved.

God provides the tools and gives us a choice, we are not alone, we can seek to communicate. Greater communication can become a part of everyday existence when we are ready to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

There are steps to take on the stages of growth. All we need do is take that first step and the spirit will guide us on the journey. This is the path of bliss and enlightenment, a more expanded, more creative way to live filled with greater love.

This will become more apparent as your willingness to hear beyond the expected is developed, through time. It is an awakening. An ability to expand our own spirit and make God part of our daily world.

All is one in spirit. Here and now is the time. Great wisdom and expanded consciousness are received, as well as guidance from the Holy Spirit. That does not mean we may not stumble occasionally along the way, for we are but human.

Only that we regain our footing, dust ourselves off, and continue on the path of light and consciousness. Prayer will heal all pain.

We need not live in darkness for the Holy Spirit offers us eternal light. Seek and you will find your true self and greater understanding for this is the reality of spirit.