Friday, March 25, 2016


We have come to be part of enlightenment. Speak the truth you have learned joyfully to all those who will listen. Your heart will lead you with love, you only need listen and follow. This is your journey. This is the truth of your inner-soul-experience to self-fulfillment.

Release fear, it is not needed when your God-self is near. This is a time of awareness, of enlightenment, of self-discovery of our truest purpose. There are more seekers in this present time than have ever existed before.

It is a time of collective consciousness. It is a time of recognition of the oneness in all-that-is that we are part of. It is a time of remembering that God that exists in all of us, empowers us to live in the light, as true believers and to come forward in truth to bear witness.

Pease is a possibility for everyone who seeks the power of enlightenment. How can we serve is the only question, not how we can be served. The more you perceive, the more you receive. There is empowerment in the Divine plan when we are willing to serve in the true spirit of enlightenment of knowing, of trust, and faith.

It is a new birth of spirit, of truly "being" within yourself. The great reality of enlightened self is a who new consciousness of living fully in every minute, every molecule of our existence. Everything around us becomes part of who we are, for all is part of the greater whole.

It is mutual existence. To honor all-that-is is to honor yourself and the Divine. It is loving in total love without any semblance of fear or separation. Love is total light, no darkness exists. Respect creates a return image, and love enlightens the world.