Monday, March 7, 2016

There is no distance

To bond with another is to no longer be separate for love creates oneness, a unity with others. Even though distance may divide you, the love and closeness is always there, as if you were together.

It is a joy to us that they are fulfilling their lives and that they are following their heart. There are so many modes of communication now that distance is never a problem when you have an open heart, and express your love.

Allow others to be who they are and share in their joys and sorrows. Release expectations and give the gift of acceptance unconditionally. Do not pressure others toward your own ideals. Love speaks in its own language of the heart.

The entire planet is a creation of God, therefore time and distance are but thoughts, not reality. Follow your own light and share it, and allow others the same, and you will all be rewarded by growth.

There is much to enlighten us all in our progress. Do not try to maintain power or control over others for that will create negativity in your relationships. Look to yourself for satisfaction, not for others to fulfill us.

Let each seek their own light and their own path. Trust in the wisdom of their seeking and be glad. We empower others through the strength of our love and it can cross mountains and endless seas to reach them.

The purpose of life is not to shield others because we love them, but to set them free, willingly, and with love. In that sense, we all experience learning and it is reflected back to us with greater love. The purpose of life is self-discovery and new experiences. May they be of wondrous beauty and our homes filled with love.