Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mornings with God

The serenity of the morning is my time with God. I look forward to it as the highlight of my day. Even when I have plans for an outing with friends or to take a vacation. Nothing overshadows my mornings with God. I try not to concentrate on what I have to do this day but to put all my thoughts fully on Him. And to take time to quiet my thoughts and just listen so that I may hear His council.

Since I have begun starting my days with Him they are more peaceful and my thoughts come back to Him many, many times during the day. Periods of ongoing conversation, of messages, sharing, guidance, blessings and increased instances of synchronicity.

When we put God first, it is as if we ask Him to bless our day and so He does. Everything we do has a greater clarity as well as everything see. Even the beauty of God's little creations are not lost to us. We realize to be at peace is to minimize the chaos in our lives and that if things are not neat and orderly it distracts our mind thinking of what we need to do.

We also begin to think of our home as a temple that must be kept orderly to please God as a reflection of our interior spirit. We want both ourselves and our home to be welcoming places for God's residence. This we find ourselves putting flowers, candles, incense, and things of meaning on display for His enjoyment as well as ours.

As we maintain our morning with God we give time too to all things, our home, our work, our studies, our family, and friends. We welcome change and new knowledge, new challenges, and giving of ourselves to others. We remind ourselves during the day "what would Jesus do?" and then listen for the answer.