Monday, April 11, 2016


When you feel joyous you are recognizing the God within you and celebrating life for He is the window to your soul. This does not mean because you live in joy that you are through growing or will never experience dark times, but that you are more spiritually aware and continue to seek the light within.

Life is a constant seeking, learning, loving experience, and if we let it, a blissful experience. Joy is a natural part of life. Don't hurry, so busy and pressured, through the daily grind that you deny yourself the small pleasures and joyous moments that are part of it.

Be aware, live attentively and with care that you recognize the small blessings of life. Try to be at one with God each day. Live in true consciousness and you will remember to laugh. God's world is full of light and delight.

We need not live solemnly as if this world is a test we need to pass to graduate. Lighten up and let your spirit soar. God does not begrudge us the time it takes to smell the roses. He delights in our awareness of the beautiful gifts He has created.

There is joy in learning and in experiences if we allow God into our heart and our spirit self in our activities of daily living. Then the outer circumstances can become inner joys and you will have an awareness of the true meaning in all life events.

We do not need to agonize over life, that is not rational living when we have the choice to allow joy to alter that existence. There is great power in the visualization of joy. It is a spiritual reality for all things that exist in the world first existed in spirit before they became physical and the spirit self knows this. Go in you.