Monday, April 11, 2016

April Snows

Are April snows less beautiful than those in the winter as dawn breaks over the mountains casting a red streak beneath the dark gray clouds?

Only to those too blind to its wonder. It's a breathtaking morning to be in God's country. One filled with snow covered trees, roofs, decks, and long icicles hanging from the branches and eaves of the roofs.

It is a silence and wonder so pure it takes my breath away. Soon enough it will be time to clear and shovel, for now, it is time to sit in silence and admire God's handiwork.

I have cleared the drive but the hill is still white. As the sun warms the roses, carnations, and baby breath start to stick their heads out as well as the small pine which seems to grow taller each week.

I certainly gave my muscles a workout today and felt stiff and sore until my medication and hot shower took effect as well as much needed rest.

One of the squirrels almost ate its way through the heavy wooden bird feeders. No matter how much seed and nuts they are given their appetites are bottomless wells and they will take any means to get more.

I didn't realize before moving here how adept they were at chewing their way through things. The spicy hot oil worked fairly well on the back deck at keeping the critters from chewing it up, but I'm not sure it would be healthy to put chili oil on the bird feeders.

My gardening books arrived today and I fantasize the work I can do on the hill as I finger walk through them. I need to know more about what plants survive the snowy winters.

I know when the season is right I will be putting in more bulbs to bloom next year. This season's crop of tulips, courtesy of the last owner of my cabin, has an abundance of buds soon to be in full bloom.

Blueberry bushes scattered alternately with flowers might do well in the very front section of the rock garden. I need to start the border boulders along the drive soon.

I would also add more herbs to that area including chives. I am also still debating the best kind of walkway up my hill. The platform walkway seems it might be best and go well with the house and my decks. I am also considering a grillwork screen. There are just so many options at making my cabin a home that compliments wonder called nature.