Thursday, April 14, 2016

Doing God's Work

To serve God, you must honor your gifts. We each come delivered, wrapped in a package of talents that is unique to us. To use them to good purpose is to value and honor them as the gifts from our creator that they are.

It is a way we can serve the Divine and our spirit. The reward is to love what we do and share it with others. It is an expression of our Divine self.

This is love in action. When your heart is in your work it is an expression of your true self. When you share it you give of self to others. If it brings joy to others it is an added blessing that money cannot buy.

We each have a purpose in this life and the God-given gifts to accomplish them with. Use them well. Where you put your heart in creating, abundance follows. Our life's passion is joy itself. Open your heart and the inspiration will come.

Your sense of peace and purpose leads you on the right path. When we do something with love and care, others respond. For love in all forms speaks to us and we recognize it for the gift of spirit it is. Be generous in your efforts for your benefit is the accomplishment and the inner reward.

It is a gift of love to our spiritual being. God encourages us and sustains us. He would not have given us the gift if he had not intended us to use it. It is through His will that our gifts are bestowed, develop, and bring joy and love.

Use me God in my right purpose. Let me serve your will lovingly. Grant me faith to know I am in your care and that you provide for all my needs while I perform the service I was sent here for. Doing God's work with God's gifts is peace on earth.