Thursday, April 7, 2016

Snow in April

I wake up early and the scene from my bedroom window, before I even rise, is of snow covered trees once again. The snow is still falling and apparently has done so, gently and steadily, all night.

There is at least six inches of snow on the railings and decks. The visibility is like looking through a thick fog out back, except the fog is falling snow. The mountain behind me is an outline of shapes, trees houses, poles.

The mountain beyond that is not visible at all. Out front on my deck, the roofs, trees, driveways, roads, and lines are coated as if with confectioner sugar and it is still steadily falling.

The birds are awake and at the feeder and I can hear the whoop whoop sound of the quail below and a deep chill penetrates my sweater and shirt. I spot the shape of a large bird flying through the mist.

At seven-thirty I went out with my trusty dustpan to clear a path to the patio table and to clear the table as well to put Pesky the squirrel's feeder on as he had hungrily come calling, leaving his tracks in the snow. As I was working snow began to come down harder, at which time there was no point in trying to clear the whole deck while the sky is still delivering its wet, white abundance.

By the time I quickly finished my hair and my sweater were quite soaked, as were my feet, still encased in slippers. Time to warm up.

The squirrel who lives across the road, and is terribly noisy has decided to fight for his right to raid the bird feeders. The squirrel that live on this side of the road have banned together to chase him away, running across the roof, knocking things over on the decks and screeching in squirrel talk.

It is so cold there are icicles in April, clinging to the trees and off the roof. I had to clean the back deck as by evening the snow still had not melted. It has been a good day staying in, keeping warm by the fire and enjoying nature's display. I'm blessed.