Friday, April 8, 2016


Don't take the business of life too seriously for it is an illusion that can change in a moment. Life is what we experience on a minute-to-minute basis, and everyone sees things differently depending on their viewpoint.

What we have been taught we may learn is untrue. What is true now may change in reality tomorrow as circumstances change. Life is the knowledge we hold in the present, in the now. We may view our existence as wanting and someone in poverty would see it full of possibilities.

We are what we believe and it is unfortunate if we see it as limited. When we live in faith instead of fear, we look for, and thus find, opportunities. When blinded by fear we won't recognize them when they come calling our name but would turn and run for cover.

We create what we believe, and it manifests in our lives as reality. If we believe we have abundance and share, we will always find we have enough. If we live in love, we will have love. If we live in truth we will recognize it in our lives.

There is no need to try to control our lives for we are not in control, we are experiencing. Be excited about life for it is a constant discovery. Let your spirit be free and you will find a spiritual serenity, conscious awareness, and peace.

You will be in the light. Let love and light guide you on your journey and you will only know truth and joy. Life is a compost of the interactions of many. It is never solitary. Your responsibility is to act in full awareness at all times.

For when we do we benefit of the highest good in the universe, for everything that exists is connected and we are part of that oneness.