Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Life is making choices for that is God's gift to us, free will. And in choice, there lies great power. There is no victimhood in choice, but an expanded awareness of living. It is both a responsibility and a joy of consciousness. It is a misconception we try to make reality when we want to abdicate control and responsibility and consequence of our own choices.

This too is a choice we make. The power of choice envisioned in manifestation. For what we envision in our own life is manifested in the physical. It is the power of our own creative impulse. This is why it is so important to develop self-awareness in living.

Because we do design our own life, to do it in full consciousness is to accept the joy of creation, physically and spiritually as well as emotionally. What we believe is what we receive. We can create our own garden of Eden or hell on earth.

If we recognize we have a higher consciousness beyond our humanness we become more aware of our choices and more conscious in our living. Thus, we can choose self-love and all that goes with it with open arms, gratitude, giving, and full awareness.

Then we have mastered the art of receiving instead of the preconception of unworthiness that is a lie of the sense of guilt. The law of the Divine universe is abundance. Not in greed to hoard, but in true abundance to share.

There is only conflict when you choose to believe in the limitations of God's love. Choose to accept that love fully and you accept the power of joyful living. Release fear, regret, and a life of seeking and accept a life of becoming, to live in the light of truth and love by choice.