Monday, April 4, 2016

Fear Not

"Fear Not" said the Lord, that can be easier to say than to do.  But slowly, by doing our inner work, through prayer and meditation, and by releasing our understand of this truth, it becomes a reality and God becomes a participant in our daily world.

We may start out sharing our experience with friends, and family, then synchronicity brings other seekers our way. Eventually, we gladly live our beliefs and everyone we encounter benefits. For when you can no longer live in darkness you can only exist in truth.

Worry brings us no further on our journey, so we release it, and put our trust in a higher wisdom. When we realize the truth of who we really are only love is left. Love is saying yes to life, unconditionally.

There is a purity in love. Don't try to manage it or control it, just accept it for the gift it is. Allow love into your being, to touch the spirit of self and you will be free. If we do not allow ourselves to recognize blessings when they come how can they be present in our lives?

When you are fully aware you have a new sense of seeing, of hearing, of acknowledging, that it is as if the earth itself were reborn in more brilliance. The doorway is an open heart, when we honor self and living in love.

That love is unconditional, it is a whole new vocabulary without words to describe it. We are all perfect love in oneness. Be patient in your transformation, it takes time, and work, and a sense of joy and light.

The light of the inner self is what transforms darkness and we remember who we are, a part of all-that-is, and all that ever was.