Thursday, April 7, 2016


Emotions are just expressions of our inner beliefs. Feelings are our deeper, truer self. When you feel emotional dig deeper to what the true feeling is. Quiet yourself so that you may seek the inner being, and you will find the profound truth of what you are feeling instead of the outward display.

Feelings contain love, emotions are reactions of the ego. There is no fear or anger at the core of feelings. Choose to know your inner self and understand your true feelings and you will live more consciously, without guilt, "ought to haves," and "what ifs."

For you will be acting with honor and patience and deep feeling, which is love internally spoken and appropriate. Feelings say "God is spoken here," and He is. It is not complicated, but inner truth. To truly feel is to open your heart and open yourself.

To be whole instead of emotionally fragmented. Honor the love within and you bring joy to the experiences without. Feelings are not mind, which is ego, but heart, which is soul. Emotions can be judgemental, whereas feelings are forgiving.

They mirror our inner God-Self and treat ourselves and others with respect and love. To be in touch with our inner feelings, our inner being, our God-Self is to truly experience life on the deepest, truest level.

It is claiming your own power through faith and loving the self you have chosen to be in this lifetime. We choose the experiences we are living in this world for a purpose, embrace them with great feeling and gratitude.

That is living to your fullest potential. Live with a deeper knowing and greater awareness and an introspection of our true feelings beyond mere emotion to our God-Self of possibilities.