Saturday, April 16, 2016

A greater gratitude

Today I experience a greater gratitude for the gifts I take for granted. God has created us all unique and has blessed us in abundance. The fact that I can think this and express this is a gift to be grateful for.

That I can write this down with my own hand is a reason to be grateful. That the gregorian chants are playing and I can hear them is a reason for gratitude. That I can feel a sense of joy in realizing all these blessings is a reason for gratitude.

Everything we do, think, feel, see, hear, breathe, realize, are all gifts and a reason for gratitude. God truly blesses us in many abundant ways that we take for granted until we fear the loss of an ability.

Open your mind, heart, spirit to the blessings of the moment, this is true consciousness. Take nothing for granted, but truly be alive to your existence. Consciousness is a choice we can make. It teaches us to love our existence and be grateful.

It teaches us Divine understanding, faith, the unlimited, harmony as an experience, to be greater than we thought possible, and humility. It is a gratitude attitude of being fully awake even in the ordinary.

To be comfortable as who you are, a Divine creation of God. Know yourself. Respect yourself, and be grateful for being the unique self that you are with all the abilities God has gifted you with in His great love.

They are yours to truly experience, be grateful. How you live affects not only you, but those around you, and those you may never know. Be an example of gratitude in action. Be perceptive. Be open and receptive.

Participate fully in life. always do your very best. Journal your gratitude and you will see a visible change take place. You will become aware of God in action in your life.