Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Closure is Natural

There is a time for closure to all things eventually, but in the meantime, we have the opportunity in our life to experience it many times. Sometimes it's in a relationship or marriage that just no longer serves the purpose we are here for.

They have their road to travel and we have ours, and we move on. Always try to make the endings a peaceful closure, realizing the gifts it held and releasing any animosity we may think we have. It was but a lesson on our journey we were to experience.

Look toward the knowledge you have gained through it and let the rest go. There are also closures in jobs we have held and people we have met and touched and been touched by, on the way. And there are careers too, that end that at one time we thought defined our life and who we were.

Other opportunities replace them and we have the challenge of learning new things, of starting a whole new chapter of life and all it may hold. Look on it as the blessing it is and be open to a whole new existence.

Life is anything but dull. Sometimes closure leads us to leaving an area we have spent our whole lifetime in, to discover new places, new people, a different pace, new vistas. A catalyst to many new beginnings.

There is a natural closure of dependence as our children grow and learn to rely more on themselves, and then they are grown and independent, maybe are parenting themselves.

It is for us to do our job in giving them roots with a solid foundation allowing them to pick themselves up when they make mistakes that they may learn, and the wings to fly when it is time, for they too have their own journey and we cannot travel it for them.

Life is a cycle of closures, but also new beginnings.