Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Be in the light. Find your joy and pleasure in life. Treat others with respect and compassion, and also yourself. Be gentle in all things. Recognize the God-self in your being and in others. Love yourself in order to love others.

Love shared will spread outward in all directions like the warmth of the sun. Celebrate life joyfully. Take pleasure in each new day, for living in conscious joy makes us open to more light.

Suffering is an illusion, not life as it is meant to be lived. Self-destruction is seeking the shadows, a betrayal of self. Self-love sets us free.

Teach by example and others will embrace God's existence in their lives. It is pleasurable work. Never forget God is the light within you, and all things in Him are of the light.

Life is a growing, loving, pleasurable experience when we live in the light of God's love. We are here to live and to learn, this is our choice to be here, and what we are experiencing is valuable to our growth, it is necessary.

Let us choose to experience it in the light and truth of purpose, as we develop our consciousness and vision expands to encompass and accept more of the universal truths that lie within us as yet undiscovered, and find the path of enlightenment.

The entire purpose of our journey is to find the truths we are seeking and enhance the light within. Our souls yearn for the light as their natural state.

As our awareness increases, so do the synchronistic events in our lives leading us on our true course of expanded consciousness. The laboratory of life is to learn and grow. Our experiences are our schoolbooks, our tools. There is no error or coincidence in purpose. There is only love and light.