Sunday, April 3, 2016

God within

Trust in yourself for you are a being of God, an instrument of Divine will and He will provide for and guide you. To trust is to acknowledge the spirit of the Divine within us. We have created the life we experience to accomplish what we have chosen to do in this lifetime.

We can alter our experiences through awareness. When we remember who we are, co-creators with God, we accelerate our growth. We become aware of the very now of our existence and of our oneness with all-that-is.

Now is eternal and unlimited. There are no boundaries, and time, as we believe it, does not exist. Live without fear for we have an eternal safety net in God. Let your experiences unfold and embrace them, they are the teachers you came to meet.

Look for the knowledge to be gained and then release them for they have served their purpose. Your higher self has grown from the encounter, your spiritual self has been blessed with understanding. By living in consciousness, and spiritual awareness we are open in heart and mind and thus to the revelation of our daily world, our chance encounters, hidden messages for God speaks through many channels and reveals in a myriad of ways.

Be open to receive. God always speaks in truth and simplicity and He always answers our prayers. He is within us as Divine purpose, acknowledge that power within for our thoughts manifest our wants. Be careful what you ask for.

Ask in awareness for your higher good. God gives us the strength to accomplish all we need to do and the abundance to succeed. Have faith, trust and gratitude for life itself is a blessing of God.