Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Be who you are

Honor yourself and the person you were created to be by living in the truth of the spirit. Honor others by encouraging them to be the best they are or can be, but not by trying to change them into who they are not.

Often we tell someone we love "them" and then in our relationships we try to alter them through our ego to be someone else. We do this by criticizing, demanding, by showing a superior attitude, discouraging or disappointment.

We want them to conform to an ideal that is entirely different from the person we claimed to have loved and then we wonder why neither of us is truly happy. They for trying to live a lie and to become an image of who they are not, and ourselves for endlessly trying to recreate someone when it is ourselves we are not happy with.

When we are not content because we are living a lie dictated by our ego instead of our spirit we will never know happiness for we can never attain enough money, success, or possessions to fill the empty hole that is our deprived spirit, and so we do not honor, accept, or love.

We have a false sense of what is important and seek symbols to validate who we are. That need to be loved turns into a need for constant recognition that spills over onto our mates, our children and those around us.

We must start by recognizing that we can be loved for who we are, a wonderful child of God. That it is not what we have but who we are inside that counts. Things will never be enough, and a nourished soul will.

We can start with a gratitude attitude for our daily blessings, for life itself, an awareness of the beauty around us. To share with others. By seeing the Divine Spirit in everyone else and honoring it thus we change ourselves for the better by being who we truly are and loving others unconditionally.