Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Prayer is not something we need wait to do before retiring, or upon awakening, or in a specific place. We can pray at any time and anywhere. Pray in gratitude for when something good happens, or just for your daily experiences, pray for guidance, patience, love.

Pray when you  are angry, before you say a destructive word, stop and pray. Pray in affirmation. For for a willingness to receive as well as give, for it is good and allows others to feel blessed. Prayer acknowledges God and that He provides for our needs.

Be open in prayer, and be open to receive, and ready for God's blessings. An affirmation is saying "I believe!". Pray for others as well as yourself. Be generous in prayer. Allow God, by His Divine will, to answer according to His superior knowledge of the best outcome of our needs.

Pray for strength to release the power within you to accomplish what you must do. Pray that you may live in more conscious awareness, that you may realize the best self you can be. Trust that God answers all prayers.

God provides all we need, thank Him. Pray for awareness that you will recognize the answer to your prayers when they come. Pray to be open to new experiences for that is growth. Prayer is an unlimited possibility.

It is an ongoing conversation with God. Prayer provides spiritual enlightenment. There are no time limits to prayer, it can be a simple "thank you!". Share your thought as if you were speaking to a friend.

For truly there is no greater friend on earth. No person has the capacity for love, compassion, joy, sorrow, or giving as abundantly as God and He loves to hear from us in prayer.