Sunday, April 17, 2016

You have the power

Go within to find the power of yourself, your true self, your authentic being. The power and energy of the spirit are greater than the physical for they are a connection to all-that-is, a universal source. We do not own it but share in it.

The Divine flows through us to touch all that is in our path. Its essence is endless. When we turn within we will never do without. God works through the spirit, enhancing and expanding all we experience. Creating blessings out of chaos, caring when we ask, sharing, and givings us a new vision on the meaning of life.

We see the greater picture in the daily grind and it becomes a joy instead of an effort. God responds to our requests in greater abundance than our limited vision can expect. He is a source of endless resources, depths that we cannot fathom, and greater love than we can humanly experience.

He is the power of the all. The Divine wants more for us than we want for ourselves or can even imagine, all that is good in life and beyond. Without fear and greed there is no need to abuse the power we are given, but to use it compassionately with wisdom, to always seek the higher good in all that we do, and to accept that we can be more than we ever dreamed possible.

This is the power to accept without understanding. To be in faith and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. To be at one with the power of all-that-is and can be, without limitation. It is the power to be complete.

A realization that we are never alone, but always in God's care. There is Divine purpose to everything, and growth, and evolution, and the power of being a child of God.