Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Peace is letting go, releasing tension and expectations of "our way or no way". Peace has its own engergy and its outcome is joyful living and awareness of the beauty around us. Peace is acceptance of the reality of our unique selves and gving that self love.

Peace is living in truth and honoring the Divine. Peace is not a lack of purpose but a world of infinite promise. Peace is putting your trust in God. It is seeking guidance from the Divine to show us the way.

Peace is right living. Peace allows us to be open to new experiences. There is not fear in peace, no negativity in peace, no what ifs, or a need to control. Peace is acceptance with gratitude of all we receive knowing there are lessons, growth, and blessings in everything, and looking for them.

Peace is a natural high. Peace comes when we release the wounds within. Peace is contageous when we share it, are a living example by living it, and pray for it to come to others throuhout the world. Peace is active not reactive.

It requires energy to receive serenity. Of doing your inner work and being love in action. Peaces is in giving and sharing. In forgiving and caring. Peace is in acting in the best interests of all and not one's self alone.

Peace is not being perfect but accepting who you are and loving yourself anyway. Peace will take you through all the difficulties and challenges in life and you'll still be able to smile.

Peace is being able to be still, be aware of everything around us, and going within. Peace brings grace, and wonder, a sense of the Divine in our daily lives knowing God is with us, always.