Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Accept the worst

What is the worst that can happen? When we can learn to accept that fear and deal with it, the reality will be a walk in the clouds in comparison. We keep ourselves immobilized with fear when in reality, with faith, there is nothing to fear.

If we discipline ourselves to quiet the fears of our imaginations, our spirits can be freed to live a joyful life. Stop seeing the boogieman around every corner, a crisis in every event, a disaster waiting to happen.

Allow yourself to see the beauty that is the reality, the rainbow without the storm. Living in conscious awareness does not mean that nothing bad will ever come our way, but why forgo life while you wait in fearful anticipation for something that may never occur.

While you were waiting, imprisoned in your fear, opportunity was knocking on your door and a glorious life was waiting if you came outside to meet it. Invite it inside as well. Open the shades and let the sun shine through.

Even on rainy days enjoy the freshness and the blessings. Trust that you can handle the ruts in the road when you are conscious of all that is occurring in your environment, internally as well as externally.

Only be aware and you will be prepared, you do not need to anticipate. Life is happening in the moment. Seize the day! Make room for God and miracles and tear down the roadblocks. We cannot receive if we block the way.

We are in the midst of life. Believe everything is for our highest good. What we experience is a reflection of what we believe. We are in the care of the angels. Open your heart to Divine influence and experience life in all its wonder.