Monday, April 18, 2016

Be in alignment

Be in alignment, physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that you may live a balanced existence. Take time to pray. Take time to play. Do work that you love. Serve in gratitude to the One above. Be humble, be joyful, have faith that wherever you are right now, you are in the right place.

Release the words can't and fear from your vocabulary for they don't reflect God who is faith, trust, and all possibilities. Most of the time our fears turn out to be needless worries anyway, that in the meantime consumed our joy of life, our peace, serenity, and our rest.

It is a paralysis of the mind. A dark tunnel that blocks out the light of God. There's an old saying "there's nothing to fear so much as fear itself." When we have faith we can see the blessings in the smallest things, the tiniest act of kindness and be grateful.

Grateful that the sun is shining through the trees, a bird is singing, a flower is blooming. It literally fills our heart and changes our life. You are responsible for your own awareness, your own choices, the way you honor the spirit, the way you live in truth.

Truth does set us free, and the truth is God loves us, we are His children, created in His image to experience life and love. We also have to honor other people's choices and their right to experience the consequences and growth through them.

It is not our job to fix everybody and everything. When we are in alignment we accept that knowledge and release false expectations for the greater reality of truth. Only then can we be at peace.

Only then can we feel the Divine energy and the power that is our birthright and give compassionately without a need to control the outcome. For then we realize God is in control and all is for our highest good.