Monday, April 11, 2016

Live Today

We rarely take the time to consciously choose how to love our life but instead are caught up in the day to day existence and doing by rote without a thorough examination that this is truly how we want our life to progress.

And so time passes. We have a sense of dissatisfaction without clearly dissecting the whys. We merely mark off goals of attainment that we believe will earmark that magic golden time when we can truly start living.

Always at some distant time, like when the children are older, or grown. When we retire, or other landmarks in our lives. When what we really need to do is change our way of thinking. To make each day an event to celebrate.

To be in gratitude for the gift of life itself. To honor the now of our days. To take the time not only to smell the roses, but the other flowers as well. To pick or buy some for the home. To walk in nature and see the beauty that surrounds us.

To create a space for ourselves that is sacred. Where we can go to be at peace within and to be grounded in spirit. To set our table as if for an honored guest and make breaking bread an occasion not eaten unconsciously in front of the T.V.

To take time to be in silence so that we can quiet our minds and let new thoughts take form. Ones of contentment, thanksgiving, and a growing knowledge of where our true path lies. Not in the far off nethers of some day, but how we can live a more enriched experience now.

How we can honor the Divine by giving of ourselves in ways that matter and bring joy, not just to others, but to ourselves. Our destination is achieved in small ways, minor adjustments of thinking and being now.

Life isn't a preparation of what is to come but a glorious even we arise to each day. Live it in clarity and purpose and love.