Saturday, April 9, 2016


There is no such thing as an accident or coincidence but there is synchronicity. You create your life and you create what you choose to believe. Your decisions are choices you make. Because of the choices we make, there is cause and effect, balance and order and God's love.

There are different levels of awareness as we continue to grow spiritually, and our decisions become more conscious as we develop. We become aware of a greater reality and we renounce imagined limitations. When we go beyond we allow ourselves to exist beyond the physical and life becomes more real than ever before.

Allow yourself to evolve, to reach higher. Celebrate the soul-self in its advancement. Release all negativity for it has no place in your soul-consciousness. Cleanse yourself of all resentments. In your expanded consciousness you will be better able to recognize truth and come to a deeper understanding of all existence.

Truth propels growth. Love is the eternal power of the universe. Send love and receive love with an open heart and growth continues. Acknowledge your feelings, it is part of awareness. The purpose of all love is a greater awareness of God, for love comes from Him.

Be open and accepting of love in all its various ways and forms, to the very act of loving, and to all things. To the environment, animals, people, society, seclusion. It is all an open door to love. What is most essential is honest and truth in all relationships. For we are all part of the universe, of all-that-is. Accept and love in full awareness.