Friday, April 15, 2016

God Provides

God is in control, I need not worry. He provides money in the bank, food on the table, financial support, physical healing, emotional healing, and most of all spiritual guidance. He is there for us at all times.

Just ask and He responds. No matter what it may look like, know there will be enough, and then some. All we need do is have faith and trust. God responds as we believe. So if we believe in scarcity, we will have it.

It is just as easy to believe in God's abundance. The difference is an open mind and heart. God not only provides for our needs, He puts harmony in our life. Empty the clutter from your life and watch God fill it with blessings.

A consciousness of nature is one of the benefits we reap when we release the hurt, anger, and fear that keep us in darkness. We receive a joy of life that we never dreamed possible. It allows you to walk in love.

Believe that you deserve to be blessed, that you can do what you love and be paid for it. The obstacles we create are in our mind. Sweep it clean. Remember, you have the power of faith.

Faith not just in God, but in yourself. Opportunities happen when we are ready to accept them. We limit ourselves by our own beliefs. In reality, we are all possibilities for we are perfect in spirit.

We were created to live in joy and love, to unfold to life, not struggle against it. Set yourself free to be all that you can be. No one but yourself can stop you. There is purpose to your life, a Divine plan that only you can fulfill.

You, a wonderful, unique, child of God. Value yourself, God does. See the higher purpose in life. Release yourself to God's will and prosper.