Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Always take time

Be grateful for what you have and do not envy others their life, but be content to live yours to the fullest and in gratitude. Life is a gift from God, as is each day. Look for the blessings and discount the sorrows. Live in awareness and see the beauty around you.

Treat all others with the kindness you would like to receive. Do not waste your time or your life on self-pity and negativity. Be grateful for the rain as well as the sunshine. Do your best in all things. Take time for God in your everyday, make Him a part in all that you do.

Hear the music that is in nature as wells as on the stereo. Take time to be quiet and go within. Take time to laugh and time for friends. Find work that you love and put your heart into it. Take time to nurture a garden and to see it bloom.

Take time to share and bring joy into the lives of others. It will bring joy and contentment into your own life as well. Take time for family, for children and grandchildren. Take time to tell stories of the past. Take time to listen to others. Take time to learn new things that you may find a new path in life.

Take time to be outside, even for a few minutes each day. It feeds your spirit. Take time to read for it helps you to grow. If you have the opportunity to share stories with others or help them learn to read do so. Giving of yourself and your time is important.

Take time to break bread with those you care about. Be patient with yourself as well as others. Do not always be in a hurry. Share your gifts with others. Share your songs, your art, your abilities, your recipes, your passion with someone who wants to learn.

If we each one teach one what a better world this would be. Take time to grieve over a loss but do not get lost in it. Take time to smile at those you pass along the way, it might just make their day. Take time to be courteous, to thank others, to call and say hi, to let someone know they are in your thoughts and heart.

Live each day as if it were the most important day in the world and at its end give thanks for all the blessings it held.