Tuesday, October 21, 2014

God teaches us

Help me to strengthen my faith God. To reaffirm my belief that you are in charge and know what is in my best interest. That I will continue to put my life in your hands and follow where you may lead me. I am grateful for your continued abundance and the knowledge and lessons you have brought into my life and the guidance you have provided me on my spiritual path.

My I continue to grow in your love and light. I cannot know what the future holds but you do. Each day I look forward to learning a bit more as you reveal a new way of thinking and living to me and make me more consciously aware of so much more than I ever paid attention to before.

You have given me a new fullness to my life, as well as patience and a sense of peace I never would have thought possible. Everyday to spend time and thoughts with you and of you begins each day in harmony and spiritual balance. God you are the center of my being as well as my life.

I feel a connectedness not only with you but with all existence and I know that I am never alone. I feel the presence of my Angels, even though, as yet, I do not see them. You have opened my eyes, my heart and my life and everything is brighter, more magnified and has greater clarity.

I do not worry for the future but live in fullness each day enjoying the gift of the present and releasing all the sorrow and pain of the past. I believe in myself because you believe in me. You have shown me that life does not depend on my clinging to a job, place, routine or on others for my livelihood or my happiness.

You have shown me how liberating forgiveness can be and to be more giving to others from the heart and the spirit expecting nothing in return for all that I need I receive from you. Today is beautiful God. I think you for the gift and the awareness to enjoy it.