Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On fear and children

In the beginning there was not fear. What we call fear is in actuality a by product of our separation from God. Because we do not remember our true home and our connectedness of spirit we have the misconception that we must rely on ourselves and others for our needs.

In reality God is our only source. What we are here for is to learn and to grow in spirit. We are creations of God and an expression of His love. Through us He also experiences life. Part of living and learning is to remember our greater purpose.

We can facilitate that by seeking God's help and guidance. We are never alone and there is nothing to fear because fear itself doesn't truly exist but is a creation of the ego in its striving for control, status, possessions, and feelings of lack.

When we forget God's promises it is because we are listening to ego instead of spirit. Seek the small inner voice within, which is the Holy Spirit and He will shed the light of truth on all situations and bring us back to a state of peace.

We also have a misconception about our children and feel as our creations we are responsible for them, when in fact we are only co-creators with God who has entrusted them to our care. He will give us what we need physically, emotionally, and spiritually, when we ask, to provide for their needs in all things.

We are to teach them according to God's will. God wants us to encourage them in the gifts he has blessed them with, not to try to control or mold them according to our egos. They are not reflections of us so much as reflections of God's love.

We need to learn to let go in order that thy may grow, we need to give them a foundation of love and respect and to encourage them in their endeavors. We ourselves need to see things in right perspective by seeking God's enlightenment instead of clinging to the ego's misperceptions.

The earth is a learning field and we are the student of God's academy. Do not seek the illusions of this life but endeavor to live our true purpose of love.