Monday, October 6, 2014

Peace comes from within

I have found that being at peace is more important than position, status, wealth, fame, fancy houses or other "things" that we think would bring us what we feel we need. Peace cannot be bought but is a state of being. It comes from inside and is not dependant on exterior motivation.

Peace requires an acceptance of who we are and does not require that we compete with others. Peace puts us in appreciation of each moment of each day and to recognize our blessings. Peace takes time to be quiet and just experience and listen.Peace is releasing instead of trying to control situations.

It is striving to be the best you that you can be. Peace is possible for everyone who seeks it. Peace cannot be bought or earned but it can be acquired by going within, by knowing your authentic self, by seeking your spiritual path, by learning to meditate and pray, by slowing down and learning to see what is around you and appreciate the wonderful gifts that God has blessed us with.

Peace is learning to see the lessons in what we experience and growing through them instead of struggling and fighting and saying "why me?".  Peace is understanding that we are never abandoned but always loved. Peace is having a personal relationship with God and realizing that like other relationships it requires that we put time and effort into it.

That we set aside time everyday to be in His presence, to speak and to listen, to ask and receive, to get and be grateful and to give thanks. God, like everyone, likes to be acknowledged and is pleased when we seek Him out, and when we include Him in all aspects of our life making Him the pivotal point.

Life takes on a whole new meaning and a sense of peace is our reward. We know that nothing is impossible "with Him" that everything can be overcome "with Him: and that life is more joyful and purposeful "with Him". Ask Him to show you the way and He will. It is as simple as that. Ask for His forgiveness, His help, His comfort, His guidance, and He will fulfill your requests and more.