Saturday, October 18, 2014

Me and tree

Where can "tree" live and flourish seems to be the same question I ask for myself. We both need to be in the right climate to start anew and we are both "hanging in there" in faith that you will guide us to a place of new promise.

It is here that we shed our old way of life that we may be reborn in new faith and strength. Show us the way, Oh God. Nurture us through your teaching and guidance that we may be made strong. Help us to be patient and to rejoice in each day and to be thankful for its blessings.

Show us how to be unafraid in our uncertainties. A tree is not just a tree but a wonderful creation of God as are we all. When we cling to the hope and promise that God brings us we consciously try to be the best that we can in all circumstances.

Each day holds new wonderment and we greet it each morning, together outside on my patio, me and tree. I tell "tree" to lift up its branches as I lift up my heart to you. Only you, Oh God, know our future and where our path will lead us. You have never deserted me or let me down but have given me a new life and greater awareness, a new consciousness of living and an abundance to provide for more than my needs.

Tree and I would love to have our own space, somewhere to plant our roots deep and to reach our full potential. Somewhere not quite so congested where the air is clear. A place of inspiration and peace. Somewhere where you can sit and not just see other buildings and cement lined areas but more trees and space to grow.