Friday, October 3, 2014

Family Blessings

To have joy in family is a blessing, to spend time with those that we love, to share our thoughts, our time, and our abundance. To break bread together, to pray together. To share our dreams, our happiness and our goals. To create together is a special blessing.

To give our encouragement in their growth, their accomplishments and their struggles. To laugh and play together and to create memories together. The smallest things are long remembered. It is important to take time to spend together. To be there for the hard times as well as the good times.

To be interested in what others are passionate about and not live as if everything is about you. Take time for each to share, ask questions, actively listen and then when you talk about what interests you, they will listen in return. Then your joys can become their joys and theirs yours.

The return is worth the investment of time, interest, love, giving, and sharing. It is the building blocks upon which our relationships grow and many memories are created. Take time to do what others love and invite them to join you.

Remember that all things are a gift from God, and treasure each moment. To live in consciousness is to be aware of this. Time is the greatest gift we can give another. It cannot be bought, or earned, but must be shared freely and joyfully.

Be authentic so that others may have the opportunity to know the real you. Do not try to be what you think others want you to be. That is not the way of true happiness. Know yourself and celebrate who you are. You are God's gift to the world. Family is God's gift to you, embrace it.

Do not expect perfection of it or be judgemental. Work to bring out the best and forgive the worst. Put misunderstandings behind you instead of dwelling on them, and remember to forgive yourself as well, nobody's perfect.

Seize the moment. Remember your blessings. Each day be grateful for what God has given you. Live abundantly. Joy shared only grows, never diminishes. We lose nothing by what we give.