Monday, October 20, 2014

Preparation Time

Each day I look forward to my time with you, Dear God, and for the new lessons you teach me and the wisdom that you give me. It is the most peaceful time of my day and I am grateful to start it with you. God, you have taught me how to be silent, to quiet my mind, and to go within.

To not only listen but to truly hear. To recognize your worlds and the still small voice within. God you have taught me patience and trust. That all things will be revealed in time, but meanwhile to accomplish, one step at a time, what you have given me to learn whether it be a new computer program, a difficult lesson, or to relax and enjoy a vacation.

To me more aware of the beauty around me and to do all things in full consciousness. God you have shown me the way to encourage others as well as myself. To be there when I am needed and to be mindful of the commitment I have made to you.

God you are teaching me how to release my doubts and fears and to trust that I can achieve whatever you want me to achieve and set before me. To stick to the goals I have created and to not give up in frustration. You have provided abundantly for me.

Dear God, you have shown me the wisdom of releasing the negativity in my life and that forgiving is liberating. To not take to heart the discouragement offered by others but to put my faith in you and that you would never lead me on a wrong path but only to one that will serve my higher purpose.

Even though I cannot see what is around the bend or over the hill, you know and therefore I am at peace and leave the unknown in your hands. I understand that this is a period of preparation for greater things to come and I will endeavor to do my best in all things that what I learn will be used to serve you in some way. I thank you for the opportunities you have granted me, for friends, family and each new day.