Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spend time with children

Take time for others. Give of yourself not just in worldly good. Take time to make memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. See the joy in each moment. Praise others not only for their good behavior but for the work they do, especially the children.

Praise goes further in encouraging the best we can to than berating someone for all their faults. To spend time with children is to learn great patience and to see the world from the eyes of innocence. Be observant that you may see the traits they are developing.

Their joy in giving to others, of creating, their love of music. Their willingness to share and to do for others and their acknowledgement of the joy it brings them as well as the recipient. We can learn so much from the children in our lives.

Let them know that you too have to struggle with certain things, that you are not perfect but to always do your best in all things. What we do together is more memorable to children that what is done for them. Include them in decisions that are appropriate for their age that they may feel an active part of what you do.

Be firm when they misbehave that they may learn from their mistakes. Learn to listen when they speak. It makes us all feel important to receive undivided attention. Teach them the importance of not just expecting but giving to others as well.

Teach them that they cannot always have everything they want for if they don't learn it now they will learn it later in life and feel betrayed. Give to children lots of love and affection. No one can have too much love, but do not smother or suppress them for we learn too from our own discoveries and mistakes in life.

See the wonder at life through the eyes of a child and the compassion they feel for even small things. Teach them to be gentle and caring. Give them age appropriate responsibilities, and laugh often with them. We all have a child within us.  May we love and celebrate that child too and heal any wounds suffered in the past.