Friday, October 10, 2014

Help me be better

Oh God please help me not to be judgemental, but to reach out in love and truth. Give me the words to say that will make a difference and may they reach the spirit of the intended through you. Give me the wisdom God to be loving and considerate in all situations.

Let me not be in fear about my financial or other situations but to put my faith in you knowing that when we seek your guidance that you will always lead us on the right path and for the best outcome. Give me the energy for my work and the exercise to maintain my health.

Give me the strength to do what is right in all situations. Help me to see the greater truth in all things. To not be quick to react but to seek you first for enlightenment. Help me God to be the best that I can be and to always serve you in whatever capacity I can, knowing that you make all things possible.

Give me faith when I am in doubt. Give me strength when I feel weak. Give me courage when I falter. Give me love when I feel critical. Show me the way when I feel lost. Give me joy when I am in despair. Give me patience when I am frustrated. Enlighten me when I am being stubborn and insisting on doing things my way or no way.

Help me to reach out in friendship to others. To follow where you lead me. To always be willing to grow instead of thinking I know it all. To see the blessings in life instead of concentrating on what I may not have or coveting what others may have.

Let me seek simplicity instead of searching for more "things". Let me be generous to others not just with monetary gifts but of my time. Let me laugh often, enjoy the beauty of music, nature, the soft breeze, the sound of the ocean, the smell of new mown grass and a rose in bloom.

Let me see the beauty around me and truly appreciate it. Let me value my friendships and my family and always extend a hand to others. Let me be gentle with children and animals and grateful for each day as it comes, not waiting for tomorrow.