Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let me help

I am grateful that others reach out to me. Help me be a little tool in your hand that I may help serve you. Help my work touch others in some way, to remind them that they are loved, watched over and cared for, and to open their eyes and hearts and you will fill the emptiness that they feel.

Let me help others to be more aware of the beauty around them and that all things were created by you and therefor should be revered. Let me help others find the joy that is possible in each of our lives and to concentrate on the positive and all the possibilities instead of the negative they cling to.

Help me be a source of inspiration that it is possible to make a new beginning at any time and find fulfillment and abundance in doing the work that we love. Let my work always reflect the continued spiritual growth you give us when we seek it and ask your guidance.

Let me be an example of how we can rise up again and make a new life for ourselves. That it is possible to see our dreams come true, to follow a new and richer path, have our own home and that you will supply the abundance to make those dreams come true.

When we know you we also honor ourselves. Let me teach others that life can be lived gloriously, that we can plan and save, travel and see and we can achieve. Let me teach others that our joy comes from within and is not dependant on a particular job, person, or things acquired but is the simple abundance of truly living each day to the fullest, consciously.

Let me show others how much there is to be grateful for if they truly look and start counting their blessings instead of concentrating on hardships. Help me to show that when we trust in your anything is possible and to never give up but have faith.

You will always see us through, Oh Lord we can but ask to help you in small ways to help others. Thank you for the work you give me God.