Thursday, October 9, 2014

Release the fear

When we find ourselves in a state of fear, for whatever reason, it is time to turn to God and ask His help in releasing it. Fear serves no purpose but to paralyze us in inaction. We can accomplish nothing in fear and it serves no good purpose.

God created us, He loves us, and will never abandon us. We need not struggle but ask for God's help. He is only waiting for our request so that He can raise us up, strengthen our beliefs and give us miracles if that is what we need.

When we examine fear, we ask where did it come from? Usually from our false sense of lack. We cannot overcome all things alone, it is true, but God gives us what we need, when we need it if only we believe. Fear cuts off the channels of receiving like a blocked up pipe but faith can remove that block and open the channel to be free flowing once again.

Compare fear to a dam with the flood gates closed. The water stays unmoving behind the barricade but let the wheels be turned to open the gates and the water again flows out with tremendous power. We need God's help in harnessing the fear. We can make the choice to ask Him to help and we will receive it.

Fear teaches us we have choices, to stay blocked by the dam it creates or to let God show us how to be open in faith and manifest through belief. The first is to know want and to live in a state of constant darkness and insecurity.

The second is to be in the light, acknowledging God's love and accepting His abundance and to live in joy and sharing the good news. It is always our free will. Which would you rather choose? We should embrace the fear as an opportunity to practice our faith, to seek God again and again, and to thank Him for the lessons that lead us back to Him.

Desire, ask, believe, receive, and release. Release everything into His hands. There is nothing too large, or too small for Him to handle, including fear.