Monday, October 13, 2014

I seek you when

Dear God I always rely on you for the words to say, especially when it is a touchy subject, advice someone seeks or is upset for any reason. Give me the wisdom I need when I speak and also to know when to keep quiet. Teach me to listen well and not to compare previous situations I may have experienced to what the other person is going through.

Help me to be understanding when others snap at me because of their own tensions and not take it personally. Let me be quick to forgive even if the other person is not. Let me seek you as a counselor first instead of others that things that may be said might be repeated to others that words may be misinterpreted.

Help me to keep in harmony in our family, among my children and that we all respect other's right to live their own lives. Help me to remember that everyone is unique and not to expect them to conform to our way of life. Help me to be flexible God, non-judgemental and that I may be an example of Christian love.

Help me to see the beauty and the blessings in each and every day and to live joyfully. Help me to be the best I can be at all times. Help me to be in appreciation, for everything is a gift ultimately including the lessons that we learn from.

Teach me not to take things for granted but to live in awareness each moment. Help me to treat others with the respect I myself would like to receive. Help me to be able to laugh even at my own shortcomings and not to take everything so seriously.

Help me to remember to thank you for all that you do for me and that you are the source I rely on and to keep my own ego in check. Help me to be more humble God and not to be in fear each time I see my finances dwindle or I am away from home and that you watch over all.

Help me to be generous in my giving and in my affection for love is a great healer in all things. Thank you for showing me that I am precious to you dear God. Thank you.