Saturday, October 11, 2014

We choose how we live

God says, "as ye sow, so shall ye reap" and "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." In these words he is instructing us with the importance of how to lead our life. That to all of our actions there is an equal and opposite (in kind) reaction.

When we do good, good is returned to us in kind. When we are loving love is returned. When we are generous we are blessed in our heart, but when we are selfish, greedy thinking only of ourselves and material things, it dry up our spirit making us open to the evil that is always around us.

Material things and money in themselves are not evil, but if we choose to gain at the expense of others, if we choose it over friends and family and their welfare, even of strangers, then we allow that bit of evil to manifest in our lives.

We need to ask ourselves "what is our intention" in all that we do. What purpose are we serving in this life and are we making a difference by being here at all? Be conscious of how you live, of the energy you generate, of the good that you can do, of how you treat others, for what you do in this life is exactly what you bring back into your own life.

For our energy is like a magnet drawing to us what we believe. Our fears become our reality. Our thoughts influence our actions. Our inaction in itself brings a reaction. For doing nothing when we can be making a difference is also a choice.

Nothing material is everlasting, but the good we do generates more good and keeps growing and expanding beyond us like a pebble thrown into a stream creating ripples that spread ever wider. We cannot always see immediately the results of our actions be we should live in full awareness that there is indeed a cause and effect and act accordingly, consciously.

Doing no harm if we can help it but bringing joy whenever and wherever we can. We always have a choice in how we live. Be aware of the consequences of your choices.