Wednesday, October 15, 2014

God slows us down

God wants us to be humble. To realize His importance in our life. Sometimes this requires that He slow us down so that we may have time to truly see and be in greater awareness of our life, how we live it, and our values.

Sometimes He uses an accident or an illness as an awakening. He tells us to leave our worries behind and put our faith in Him. God will care for us, lead us, provide for us if only we put our faith in His will, His teachings, His lessons and His great love for us.

Why are people always in such a hurry, seeking more and more, never seeing the blessings they already have? God does not want us to live this way! He does not want us to be vain about accomplishments, for whatever talents we possess are gifts from Him to use in His service.

Not just that we may amass wealth and possessions but that we may touch the hearts and spirits of others on our journey. Life is not just about us but what we do with it can make a difference when we follow His guidance. Ask to be shown a greater purpose in living and it will be given to you.

Be in awareness of each day's gifts and thank God for the blessings you receive. When you ask God to show you the way and release yourself into His hands life takes on a whole new meaning. Miracles begin to happen and a synchronicity of living.

When you look for the message in the events you begin to see with greater clarity, you learn how to pray, not with a grocery list of wants but for a greater understanding and in new appreciation. You will find that you get what you need when you need it to follow the path He has directed you on.

When you need rest He will provide rest, a pause in the routine. When you need financial help He will provide the abundance for you to continue on your way. There will be time for play, time for learning, time for laughter and time for work.

Be humble and listen. Slow down that you may see where you are going the direction God is leading you. We need not stumble in the darkness. God shows us the light.