Monday, October 6, 2014

Share all things with God

Turn to God for healing as you do for all things. Ask Him for strength in times of hardships, for understanding when there is misunderstanding and forgiveness in all things. We do not need to understand the minds and hearts of others but only what we harbor in our own heart and mind.

Cleanse it of anything that is not loving, for God is complete love and will reside where there is love. Do not let ego fill you with doubts, unworthiness, mistrust, anger or any negativity toward others. We cannot control others but we can control how we ourselves choose to act and react and we are only responsible for our own judgements, convictions, charity and love.

To give love, to be love is always the answer. Do not let your mind be troubled then but release all things to God. Give all things to God and know His will for all outcomes will be for the greatest good. If others have closed hearts only God can open them.

God doesn't just love some of His children but all of His children. If someone is harboring resentment against you give it to God. Only do your best in your own life to live as an example of love. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. See the good and overlook the bad.

Pray for understanding and acceptance in all things with God as your guide. God will never leave you or mistreat you. He will walk with you each step of the way. God will shine love and light upon you and help you to bear all things.

God will bring peace into your heart and to your life. Accept everything and look for the lessons to be learned in them instead of agonizing over them. Learn to grow through your experiences instead of clinging to them. Forgive others the pain they cause you and thank them for the opportunity to grow spiritually.

You are always complete in God and the Holy Spirit and are never alone whether in times of trouble or in times of joy for God shares all things with you.