Saturday, October 4, 2014

Examine Yourself First

We teach what we believe through our behavior. If we believe we are being assailed in some way we behave defensively and even in anger. If we believe we are limited we behave guardly as if we will lose what is truly not ours anyway.

When we believe we are not worthy we will behave unlovingly. Our behavior clearly exhibits our beliefs and in order to change our misconceptions we must look closely at our behavior. What is it we are saying about ourselves to others through our actions?

For others often treat us exactly as we expect and that we are drawing to ourselves through our perceptions and our own behavior. How we treat others also is a statement of our beliefs and we also need to examine them. Do we treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated?

Do we see them as equals, or do we see them as subservient or our superiors? We all are equal in the eyes of God. We all are unique and worthy and created in His own image. Instead of making judgements and correcting others we must look at our own selves for answers through our beliefs and behavior.

Therein like the answers to our interaction with those around us. The change must begin with ourselves within and without. If we want to be loved we must be loving, if we want to be understood we must be understanding. If we want to be respected we must be respectful.

We cannot change others but we can teach them through our behavior how we expect to be treated. The old saying "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" put the perspective in the right order.

We must begin with ourselves, take the first step ourselves, examine ourselves truthfully to see what others see and then we are able to make changes. The first change is to realize that we are worth and loved in the eyes of God and as such we must also love ourselves and to be careful of our behavior for we are teaching others.