Friday, October 24, 2014

Make a difference

What can I do to make a difference? Not just today, but everyday. Help me to help others God. Let what I say and do, the example I can be, help others to believe in you. Help me to be a witness to how you work in the lives of those who seek you.

Teach us how to be more forgiving and caring. May we see your spirit in others and not just their color, their gender, their beliefs. We are not just our outer appearance but a spiritual child created in your likeness that lives within.

We may feel separated at times but that is an illusion. What is within us can never be apart from us. You love each of us more than we can possibly love ourselves. When we put our faith in you our whole life undergoes a transformation.

Suddenly the whole world opens up in ways that we never thought possible. Often times we struggle needlessly when all we have to do is reach out to you, call your name and ask for assistance. You are so patient with us, Dear God., you do not interfere with our free choice but sometimes our own free will actually brings the heavens to tears.

We can only change ourselves. Each one of us can choose to change. To seek enlightenment, honor our universe, love one another, be less judgemental and more forgiving. Clean up what we can and try to do no harm to others or our environment.

To protect the trees, the wildlife, be careful of what we put into the waters and the land. To learn to simplify instead of always seeking more. To realize that "things" are not more important than others. To give respect to our fellow person and know that together we can accomplish much more than each of us can do separately but not to be afraid to take that first step ourselves.

To reach out our hand instead of waiting for someone to ask. Often we see what needs to be done but are always waiting for someone else to do it. Today is always a new day, a new beginning. We can choose to change, to be aware, and to do something.