Friday, September 2, 2016

Do all things for God

Do all things as if you were doing them for God, whether it be praying or washing the dishes, then we will always put our best effort into it and be more conscious in each act.

Out of consciousness and awareness of God, even in the most mundane things comes joy. Great each person you meet as if they are a disciple of God. See the Divine in everyone. Even those who have lost their way have not lost God's love.

So, it is not ours to judge. Look for the lessons we need to learn in situations that arise and we will react differently. For instead of defending we will look toward the possibility of growth and change, and see it as a challenge to achieve greater awareness.

We will also recognize that not all things are about us. This may be an opportunity for another to learn a life lesson in Divine love. For if we react in love as the Divine would do instead of in anger we all profit and it defuses negative feelings.

Divine love is the answer to all things. Whether at work or home make an offering of your tasks to God and they will have more meaning and become acts of love in themselves.

It may return to us pleasure in what has become routine or boring. It's as easy as saying "God, I do this for you and offer it up for the intentions of....".

Remember to thank God for the lessons as well as the blessings for He is sending you the means to grow in spirituality and faith. We as mortals cannot know the purpose behind all things, only God knows.

Trust in Him and He will see you through. Learn patience for although we may want action now, the right time is always Divine time and does not always conform to our time schedule. Life itself is a preparation so that we are in a proper state of growth when the Divine sets us on a new path.