Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Lord is my Shepherd

When you have a problem you can either struggle with it, force the issue, often without resolution or you can turn to God and the answer will be right there as if you were handed a gift. And you realize S/He was only waiting for you to ask.

No matter how often S/He has answered me in the past I find myself, at times, forgetting and in my anxiety and frustration I have been known to even cause myself personal injury when the answer was at my fingertips the moment I asked.

God wants to make life easier for us and yet we continue to struggle. We do this all the time in our humanity forgetting that we are also a part of all-that-is and that we only need to ask to receive. To reach out to be fulfilled.

Many times we even know what we should do but let fear keep us immobilized. We may be in a job that we have come to hate or a relationship that is not working but we hang on either in the hopes that things will change and in denial that it obviously is not going to after a period of time.

We may feel, in our own lack of self-worth, that this is what we deserve. Or we are in fear of the unknown. It does not matter for in all of these scenarios we have forgotten faith. That we are Divinely loved unconditionally and that God wants only the best for us and that S/He will provide the means and the answers.

We only need desire-ask-believe-receive. And that S/He is always waiting for us to turn to Him. That nothing is too small for Him to help us with whether it be a lost item found or a smile in passing when you're feeling down.

God is the light, the truth, and the way. The Shepherd to His lost sheep and S/He rejoices when we seek our in and from Him.