Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just be, to know

Happiness is being at peace in the here and now, accepting what is at this moment and not looking elsewhere for fulfillment. It is not looking into the past for healing or into the future for understanding and acceptance.

It is being alive, fully, to this moment in the now and seeing the blessings of this time. Nothing else truly exists. We cannot change the past and the future is unknown. We do not need to wait or be constantly seeking what we already possess.

All we need do is reach out in spirit to know that we are one with all-that-is and to feel serene. Let your mind be at peace instead of constantly searching. Be at one in the present, know that God is within you as in all things.

Wherever the Divine resides so does the possibility of peace. We only need see the reality that we have been denying in our search for what we already possess, but have forgotten how to acknowledge.

We have conditioned ourselves to believe that we need to reach a certain goal, possess a certain attainment, achieve whatever accomplishment to reach that destination where we will feel satisfied in life and able to say "I am here" when "here" is where we have always been while we are looking elsewhere.

The Divine but waits for us to come to the realization and to see the beauty and the allness in the now. All we need is already ours in the moment, breathe it in and give thanks. Become a part of all that is around you and feel a oneness with the universe and all living things.

The only separation from God is the one we create in our minds. When we turn to Him, He is always there waiting for us to seek Him, as any loving Father does. Too often we are too busy pursuing the unnecessary to be aware of our own blessings that are right in front of us. But when we quiet ourselves then love can enter and we are awakened.